Meet Dr. Pablo Verastegui
"Please call me Pablo"


Dr. Pablo is a 1983 graduate of the dental school at the Universidad de San Luis Potosí. He moved to Nuevo Progreso in 2003 and has established himself as a leading dentist in this town of many dentists. He started working in a dental clinic and has now has his own office. Such growth doesn't just happen. It's based on building a positive reputation for excellent and painless dental work.

Dr. Pablo believes that dentistry should be pain-free and that the whole experience should be as comfortable as possible. For this reason he uses the latest in technology and provides comfortable lounge areas for patients and their family members to relax while waiting for treatments to be completed.

A Great Location near the border
A map is available showing you how to reach Nuevo Progreso and how to find his offices once you're here.

Latest technology
Dr. Pablo prides himself on having the latest technology for treating patients' problems. He has a Diox Wireless Portable X-Ray system that uses .01 seconds of exposure and is very directional and safer. Transfers images directly to laptop so you can see in magnified view…Pain Free! Only one in Nuevo Progreso.

He also has a Zoom® whitening system that provides fantastic whiteness in under one hour…Pain Free!

He has an in-house lab where they can make crowns, bridges, partials and full dentures quickly with little waiting time…Pain Free!

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